Monday, July 2, 2007

Wonderful weekend

Happy belated birthday Canada !!!!!

Yesterday, July 1, Dave and I went biking in the town of Yarmouth (45 minute drive from our home). We knew there would be music and entertainment on the waterfront... and there was. Above is a picture of Dave trying to find a spot on his bike for the Canadian flag.

Below - when we arrived from Yarmouth Dave made me a nice wind ornament made of driftwood, seashells and seaglass. I took an after picture but it did'nt turn out good enough to post. Sorry.

While Dave was working on my treasure from the sea wind ornament I made supper. The two thingies on the right are called Beef Bin Laden's... weird name, first time I saw these. Our son and his girlfriend said it tasted great.

SATURDAY - June 30, 2007 - Dave and I went to the Farmers' Market in Annapolis Royal. There is this amazing french bakery 'La boulangerie parisienne' and they have wonderful breads. On our way out of the market we got lunch. Dave got a german potato pancake and I got a sausage, yum !

Next door to the Farmers' Market was a store where they sold cement lawn ornaments. Would I ever love to own this buddha in my gardens..... well, yes !

Saturday evening (yes we still had energy to keep on going) we went to Mavillette Beach for a walk.

I had my coffee...

Sometimes during the weekend I took the picture below...

We had sun and blue sky ALL weekend since Friday afternoon. And to top everything off - I am on vacation until July 11.

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