Monday, June 4, 2007

Sneak peek

I can finally show you part of the newly renovated bathroom. All except the window treatment and the sink/countertop. Too bad the picture doesn't do the shower curtain justice. It's made of a nice linen, with dragon flies embroidered all over it. I love it.

One of the best feature of our new bathroom is the floor. Dave did a really nice job with the floor. The paint color on the wall is Rocky Road by Benjamin Moore. It still surprises me to not see a lilac toilet seat, tub and sink. Do I miss the lilac color, is that a tear in my eye...

... ya right !

Light fixture we got at Home Depot in Moncton. Nicely installed by our handy man electrician Luc.
Will have pictures of the toilet in a later post.


Gi said...

NICE Bathroom!! If you click on the picture of the bath-tub it will enlarge it and you can see the dragon flies...really nice! And the floor...beau travail pape!

Vickie LeBlanc said...

I know mais you know what... je crois que c'est actually des bumble bees. Anyways, c'est beau tight. Will post a better picture of the floor later.