Thursday, June 21, 2007


A beautiful seaside natural beauty right there for us to enjoy... a Provincial Park.

Picturesque Smugglers Cove Provincial Park is located atop the coastal cliffs in the south end of the village of Meteghan, Nova Scotia.

A legend set in the 1900's gives the location its most common name of Smugglers Cove. As the legend goes, since the cave was so well hidden in the cove, it was an ideal spot for rumrunners to hide contraband liquor during Prohibition in the United States.

Photographers love Smugglers Cove for its awe-inspiring views. A wonderful place for a picnic where you get a magnificent view of St. Mary's Bay.

The cave itself is about fifteen feet high and runs to a distance of approximately 60 feet inland and comes to a sudden stop. Ironically, one of the most interesting features of the cave is not a natural one. Initials, names, and dates from different explorers and different years can be seen carved into the rock. Oddly enough some of the engravings are up to fifteen feet from the ground.

Very dark and cloudy tonight hence the dark picture. The cave is on the right, in the background.

Dave seems to be wondering what is going on...

... now that's better !


Anonymous said...

Looks a great place, I will have to visit Canada soon think :-)

Vickie LeBlanc said...

Thanks for the comment and welcome to my blog. I checked yours out and it looks like a splendid place to live... or at least visit. You would love Canada. I will check your blog regularly. Vickie