Saturday, March 3, 2007

The four elements

Inspired by my very special niece in Ontario, I am in the process of collecting dishes to put together place settings representing the four sacred elements - earth, fire, air and water. I want to have six settings so I have to duplicate two of the elements... water and earth. Before I purchase a piece, it has to appeal to me, be special. The purchases have to be special. Not something that you 'just do because'. Each place setting will consist of a dinner plate, a bowl, a water glass, a wine glass, a placemat and a candle holder. Earth will be in the green and brown shades; Fire is red; Air is white or clear and both settings of Water will be in the blues. It could take a while to find and collect each and every piece.

Here is a sneak peek :

Two pieces I found at Frenchy's today - water glass and bowl for the Water element setting.

Wine glass for Fire. This one I bought at a boutique.

The bowl for the Air place setting from Pier 1.

Speaking of collecting.... one of our (my husband and myself) favorite thing to do is beachcombing and looking for seaglass. I've been collecting seaglass for over 10 years. This is only one vessel full of the colorful treasures found on the beaches of Clare, Yarmouth County, Shelburne and even from Briar Island, Digby Neck. In all the years I've only found two red ones.