Friday, March 30, 2007

A book and a movie

This is what I am reading now. Or I should say "What I will be reading starting tonight". There it was sitting in my mailbox yesterday afternoon - thanks Ms. Postwoman. I buy most of my books at Amazon. Seeing that I prefer to recycle and reuse, I check the "used books" section first. You can get pretty good buys at times. I did for this book and got it for $2.50. And, it is in excellent shape. I have two more books coming soon (I hope). But then again, one can not multi-task reading - the one book at a time rule !

Last night Dave and I went to the movies. We don't go to the movies often and when we do it's a treat for both of us. Highly recommended by our daughter, we saw Wild Hogs. Well, well, well.... did we ever laugh in that theatre. It is a very funny movie with four great actors.

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